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R Programming Examples for Beginners

You will find plenty of R code examples on this page. In order to learn R programming, you have to understand the basics with logic and philosopy of R. Examples are the best source to grasp the idea and learn program control. 

While you study an example, also learn the technique and functions used in that example to have solid foundations of R analytics and R data science. 

If you are an absolute beginner in R and want to learn R for data analysis or data science from R experts I will strongly suggest you to see this R for Absolute Beginners Course

R Hello world Program - to print a line of text

R Program to take input from user

R Program to check if a number is odd or even

R Multiplication Table

R Program to find factorial of a number

R Program to check Armstrong Number

R Program to check prime number

Data Sets to download for Analysis

Titanic Data Set

Sales Data csv