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How to learn R Programming

In this article we will discuss what is the best way to learn R Programming and how to learn it.

If you are dealing with data, statistics or any form of analysis and need to create graphs for visualization or analytics for business, then R is probably the best choice. Specially its characteristics of vectorization makes it unique different from other languages. Moreover, other characteristics and rich packages which make analysis and visualization easy and interesting. But it all starts from learning R programming from scratch, learning the first print() statement. So many learners think about this question, How to learn R Programming? or what is the best way to learn R. You will find the answer to these questions below.

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How to Learn R Programming

There are many ways to learn r online and it depends on quite a few factors like personal preferences, programming background, time availability, affordability, a craze for projects etc.

1. Instructor videos online

Perhaps most persons will go for online free instructive videos. The best thing about these videos is that they are free, second there are plenty of them and you may learn at your own pace. Sometimes individual prefer learning from youtube or similar videos. We will say if you watch the video and code along in R, you will learn R. Advanced R instructor videos are also available. 

2. Coursera 

If you prefer classroom type of environment and want to learn from university professors then you have coursera as your first choice. Teachers from renowned universities have lectures there and you can also do projects. On coursera you can register most if not all of the courses for free. 

3. Udemy

If you are short of time, or you want to learn R fast, with the skills needed in industry you may opt for udemy. Good courses are not free but you pay only $10 to $20 for an R course and keep it for lifetime. Just ten bucks for a full fledged course from an expert data scientist is really a steal. 

4. Books

You may find it interesting to learn R from books. There are many available online and you may purchase from amazon site. You will lay a solid foundation of R programming from books, however, it may take more time to learn it. 

5. Online 1 on 1 R Tutoring at Skype

If you can spend a few dollars, then the best form of learning R is online tutoring at skype or any other platform. In this mode you learn from an experienced R programmer the tricks of the trade. It is 1 on 1 mode of tutoring and learning and a person is there, only and only for you to learn R programming. You can instantly discuss your queries, or ask questions about any issues. You can also do projects with your R tutor. 

6. From learn-r.org site

The best way we can suggest at the end is to follow our website. You will learn R fast, efficient with examples. We will also put a variety of examples and projects for you to learn. And all this comes at no price, all is free. Stick to this site and go from zero to hero in R programming in just a couple of days, or in some weeks depending on time availability.

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The decision to learn R depends on your preferences and circumstances, these are the best methods to learn R as per your requirement. 

Happy Learning R!