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R "Hello World!" Program

In this R Tutorial you will learn how to print "Hello World" in R and R Studio.

Hello World in R Programming

R is a very simple language with plain syntax used for Statistics, Data Analysis and Machine Learning. The simplicity of R can be shown by its print function which prints out a line with newline feature included in it. Similarly vectorization is also an important feature of R which can do a lot in just a single line of code. 

Data analysts, researchers and data scientists use R Programming for retrieving data, preparing it for analysis, data analytics, visualization and finally for presentation. 

If you are an absolute beginner in R and want to learn R for data analysis or data science from R experts I will strongly suggest you to see this R for Absolute Beginners Course

In R programming print is a function and hence as every function has parenthesis after its name, we use print() and write the arguments in the parenthesis. In this case the argument is the line to be printed on console. The code in R will be

First Program in R

> print("Hello World")

> [1] "Hello World"

> print("This line will be printed")

>[1] "This line will be printed"

A function in R actually performs a task, in this example it is printing a line. "Hello World" is a string or string of characters. In R string values are enclosed in single or double quotes. A function may or may not take an argument. Similarly some functions return something, while some don't return which is based on the functionality and requirements of a function.

R is used with R Studio, a wonderful GUI based application to help you run your R programming code. To install R Studio first you need to install R programming from CRAN website and after successful installation you install R Studio. After that learn R following this site, which teaches R Programming step by step in a simple manner and makes R easy for you.